Vision 2030

Through dependence on the Holy Spirit and intentional effort and strategy, We will start a church planting movement that plants 5 churches and produces 1000 new disciples of Christ by 2030. We will do this by first achieving locally what we want to do in other places. 

Our geographic area is a 25 mile radius of our campus including such towns as Rocky Mount, Nashville, Zebulon, Selma, Goldsboro, and Snow Hill. We will ultimately plant 100 open life groups designed to build intentional relationships with neighbors in 50 neighborhoods within a 25 mile radius. As these groups multiply, we will prepare groups in towns on the fringe of our geographic area to continue multiplying and plant churches in those areas. We will develop pastors and ministry leaders to lead these congregations as they are formed. In this way we will begin a church planting movement based on the commitment to life groups, discipleship and multiplication that we are following. We will also mobilize our college-aged students to multiply, plant life groups and ultimately plant churches in more distant, strategic geographic areas.

Our primary evangelistic focus will be younger families or single parents with children. How do young families whose parents are increasingly secular come to know Christ? We believe that young families with children look for a safe environment where their children can learn and grow. We will be the spiritual environment where that growth can happen and where both parents and children can experience life change through relationships with other believers. We will provide a variety of ways for these families to be introduced to the gospel or hear it again in a fresh way. We also believe that personal connection must happen if these busy parents are to take time to develop their spiritual lives. Therefore, in all of our life groups and adult Bible studies we will be making those personal connections that can lead to life-on-life discipleship opportunities. We will also make our life group philosophy welcoming to families with children and include them in the discipleship that takes place there by having family friendly neighborhood events such as cookouts and other outreaches. 

We will realize a “tipping point” when we have at least 100 life groups of at least ten members operating in at least 50 neighborhoods in our twenty-mile radius. At this point most people in our geographic area would have the opportunity to be a part of a life group near their home

This task is beyond our ability but not God’s. Our prayer is that God would so move here that other pastors in other locations will believe that God will make this simple, biblical plan work in their area so that a movement of multiplication would begin in this region, this state, this country and His world.

50 neighborhoods

As God works through us we will plant life groups in 50 distinct neighborhoods within a 20 mile radius of Peace Church.

100 Life Groups

As God works through us we will plant at least 100 open, multiplying life groups having at least 10 people each so that 1000 people are being actively discipled.

2000 Christ Followers

As God works through us and the churches which are planted, we will reach 1000 unchurched people with the gospel. Added to the 1000 people already being discipled in our life groups we will have 2000 “new” Christ followers by 2030.

5 Churches

As God works through us we will plant 5 churches out of this church within the United States.